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PALMOWAX Fatty Acid Bis-Amides

PALMOWAX fatty acid bis-amides exhibit excellent lubricating properties internally and/or externally in most plastics such as ABS, PS, PP, and etc. Bis-amides can be a binder in the precise engineering metal part. Its good dispersing ability and surface migration allows bis-amides to be used in the ink industries. When used in asphalt binder for road making, PALMOWAX increases its softening point and enhances its visco-elasticity. Other applications of bis-amide are in synthetic rubbers, wire drawing, defoaming agents, synthetic fibers, adhesive tape roll and etc.

Ethylene Bis-Stearamide


Product code:

Bead; 15% ≤ on 10 mesh

SP; 90% ≥ pass 16 mesh

SF; 85% ≥ pass 200 mesh

Atomized; 1% ≤ on 325 mesh


Widely used in plastic industry as internal/external lubricants, mold releasing aids, dispersants and slip agents; As dispersants in printing inks; Increase softening point in asphalt modifiers; As lubricants in powder metal molding, rubber, adhesive, coatings, wire drawing, wood plastic composite; As defoamer in paper.

Ethylene Bis-Oleamide


Product code:

SPO; 90% ≥ pass 16 mesh

SFO; 85% ≥ pass 200 mesh


Excellent lubricant in plastic applications especially in styrenic polymer such as PS and ABS to help with polymer flow, mould release and anti-caking properties of the polymer; Also widely used as anti-blocking agents in PVC film and sheet.